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The black faceplate is a decal from gammaraygraphics.com
He also supplied the black faceplate decal for the recent restoration of an SB-220 I did for a friend. (Chronicled on this forum)

I recently finished a 148GTL that I have been trying to refurb off and on for about 3 or 4 years. The bezel and faceplate of the 148GTl was in horrible condition. I bought a new bezel* and all new knobs from Barkett Electronics but he did not have a faceplate. I like the looks of the black faceplate (the 139XLR spoiled me) so ordered one for the 148 and added the 138XLR faceplate to the order. Kind of a "Big Brother-Little Brother" thing.
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*The bezel I ordered from Barkett Electronics was the Galaxy Front Bezel for DX 33 / 44 / 77 Connex 3300/3300HP.
With a little creative use of epoxy, it fit the 148GTL (Made in the Malaysia version) perfectly.


Maybe this won't take as much "creative use of epoxy".
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