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P O W E R - What are you actually getting from your shiny box?

Brother DXer

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Aug 20, 2022
I found this link to be extremely interesting. I found it about a year ago posted here on the forums. I bookmarked it and forgot about it. Going through my bookmarks today I happen to come across it and thought I'd share it here again. I love it because it's math and in my experience, numbers don't lie. And this really opened my eyes!!!

Anyway for what it's worth, check it out. There's a calculator included if you're interested in what it takes, power wise to make a difference in your signal.
Please, I'm only the messenger and I know nothing more than what's in this article. :)

Click below.

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Interesting calculator here. Forgive my ignorance but is this rms watts they are talking about?
Its based on a false pretense. For a receive signal greater than 3 S units, I would say it is relatively accurate. For receive signals below 3 S units, it is not.

If the AGC circuit hasn't kicked in (audio only signal), then:
1. 3dB increase is audibly noticeable, not 5dB.
2. A 3dB increase from an audio only copy (0 S unit) will show greater than a 1 S unit on an Analog meter with a single point calibration of S9. In this case, the 6dB per S unit rule isn't even close.

The Author is talking about what the human ear can hear at Audio frequencies as it relates to power in dB. But then he is talking about dB @ RF frequencies - Apples and Oranges. Humans can't hear sound at RF frequencies. That is handled by the AGC circuit and no they aren't the same. There is a wide difference in AGC circuit performance.
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Power in perspective article

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