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  • I Rember talking with you on C B Tricks in the forums I went by Snow Bird In Va At the time .You were the Mr Fix It Back then Glade to know what happened to you be good. My friend
    Shadetree Mechanic
    Shadetree Mechanic
    My apologies, that must have been a different person. By the time I got into the cb hobby, the CBTricks forum was already gone. Although I think I have talked to you on the air before.
    Couple pictures, one showing my 142 which needs some TLC and the other is a special custom mobile with same mod...


    • 148GTL Custom BLUE with The Mod 192ch version 25.jpg
      148GTL Custom BLUE with The Mod 192ch version 25.jpg
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    • Cobra 142 GTL with expanded freqs and alphas 5.jpg
      Cobra 142 GTL with expanded freqs and alphas 5.jpg
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    Hey Mechanic I'm trying to get in touch with you sir, but for some reason the private conversation option doesn't work on your name here. Are you the same person who made a comment on Mark's video from Youtube about the pin 17 exploit with having a PDF document that I'm trying to get for the MB8719 192 ch mod?

    Chris I'm going to ship the Madison out. I want Mike to change the aftermarket final to an original 1969 of which he has plenty of. I also want him to align it. The frequency counter or the clarifier not sure which one is causing the to KC off) is off by 2 KC's. I won't sell something that's not working properly. When I get it back I'll let you know what I'm going to do with it.
    Chris. I'm at my doctor's office. That guy uped his price for that wm1 knowing it most likely wouldn't sell. He said he'd most likely get some negative messages about the price. I don't want to look bad to this seller. If you don't want it please let me know asap. At $149.95 it's about 30 dollars more than I'd like to pay. But I'll take it anyway Please get back to me asap. Thanks Chris.
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