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Passive or Powered Monitor Speakers?


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Jul 10, 2011
I am looking to upgrade from my Cobra high gear external speaker to something with better sound.

I see people use center channel speakers with good results. I am looking at a pair of monitor speakers for my radios. I have a Yaesu 991a, a Ranger rg-99, plus my Magnum S45. My question is do I need a passive or powered set of monitor speakers?

I also thought about building my own 8" full range speaker, but I think that would look ugly on the desk. Let me know what you think.

I am considering speakers made by Moukey that seem to get good reviews for a decent price. I would also like the speakers to sound good playing AM radio and talk shows. Thanks

I bought a cheap pair of used surround speakers and wired them up. They have better depth then the cobra external speaker,but don't get extremely loud. have the CLR speech module already. I have it storage as I am planning on selling my place. I will try it with some better speakers once I am in a new place.
Once I get moved I will try better speakers. No problem with RF with these. Not sure how powdered speakers will work though.
Codeman, a speaker I now own 2 of is the Kenwood kes-5. It's a really full sounding speaker that really shames the budget types. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

One thing, you do have to swap the connector because they're made to plug into a ham rig.View attachment 58785
The reviews of that speaker are great. I will order one and give it a try. If I don't use it in my house I will use it in my pickup.
I did find my CLR speech processor and hooked it up to my surround speakers and they sound pretty good for the 10 bucks I paid for them.i had put it in storage as I am selling my place very soon. I will be without a base station for a while. So mobile radio will be it for me for a while.
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Thanks Eldorado for the recommendation on that Kenwood speaker. It was not what I was looking for as far as using it at my house. HOWEVER, this speakers rocks for the mobile. Loud and clear as a bell. Did I mention this speaker gets loud. Hahaha
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