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Hey All, i need help on downloading pics (Shack,QSL cards) stuff like that.... what gives.....i'm slooooow so be nice,haha.

Hey long time.
during a post or reply under the reply button you will see a manage attachments

Also go into your control panel on top left of the forum task bar called USER CP and you will have a Pictures and Albums so you can save pictures just like you want
If what you mean is to post pictures on this site, it isn't that hard to do. In the reply hit the 'Go Advanced' button. On the top rail of that window, you will see a paper clip to the right of a smile face. Click on the paper clip, and another window will come up. There will be 'browse' buttons there. Hit the first browse button and another window will pop up. This is what you use to locate pictures you have on your computer. Select the picture you want to post by clicking on it. It will be in the window of the browse button you hit earlier. Below that, is an 'upload' button' - hit that. Now, when you post your reply button, it will appear in the bottom of your post. That will do it.
Go above to the menu bar and click on "user cp"

Look on the left sidebar and under "Networking" click on "Pictures and Albums".

Then click on "add album".

Then give a title to your album and choose the privacy options. Then click "submit" .

The next page click on "upload pictures".
Then it will open up your files. You can browse to find the pics you want to upload from there. Choose a file then click "upload pictures" . That is all there is to it.
Shaq pic using the attachment method.
Try it out - that is how I learned.


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