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Recovering Crackerhead
Jul 10, 2011
Thinking about selling my export McKinley new in box never opened . And Lincoln 2 plus .also nib never opened. McKinley came from across the pond..

I might be interested in the McKinley if you decide to sell. I was just looking at one the other day and I think it may pair with a 2 transistor amp. I REALLY don't need another radio though.
I believe you can set the deadkey and swing from the front controls.

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  • @ BJ radionut:
    LIVE 10:00 AM EDST (y)
  • @ ButtFuzz:
    Of course the 1st day it is nice outside and I go plop the true Rod Of God for 20m on the mobile, All I hear is a couple of yokels talking about bowel movements. What's the 6m calling freq? 50.125?
  • @ ButtFuzz:
    The true Rod of God.
  • @ BJ radionut:
    6m calling freq? 50.125? (y) (y) (y) :cool: