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RCA Light Duty Rotor Available on Amazon

Wire Weasel

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Dec 13, 2008
Over the last couple of years, when I looked, I couldn't spot any Light Duty Rotors on the market anymore at all. Like for a small 6 meter or 2 meter & up beams. Radio Shack & Alliance rotors have been long gone. Was glancing around again while bored the other day and was surprised to find one by RCA for a very reasonable $121 on Amazon. Modern digital controller even comes with a remote. Looks great if you need one. The smallest Hy Gain and Yaesu rotors are like $485.


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    DXMaps has you in SE Wisconsin today BJ
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    Say what? :love:
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    6m OPEN nicely today...Big Sigs from South Path...band has noise for me last 3-4 days. Not sure what generating this garbage.
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    Look in your 6m thread BJ
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    Sorry BJ, just took a better look at it, after cleaning my readers, it wasn't you. Similar callsign.