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SAL Electronics Antennas


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Jan 14, 2012
Chicago, IL

There's no secret. The OCF works on even harmonics, thus the 80 Meter OCF will also work on 40, 20, 10 ,and 5 Meters. (I put that 5 Meters in, as you can see from the VSWR curve it works out fine at the lower half of 6 Meters). The 80 Meter OCF work out well without a tuner on 17 and 12 Meters also. The OCF still needs a tuner for 80, and can work (I found) on 60, 30, and 15 Meters also with a tuner at 100 Watts PEP. Don't go over that too much, you don't want to stress the balun. It's a good antenna for 7-band coverage, which can be installed in most backyard installations. It's not a beam, but provides decent 7-band coverage from one antenna without the need of traps. Because of that, it can be relatively hard to see also. The OCF should be installed between 30 and 40 ft up at the feed point. The ends can be installed straight out, as an inverted-V, or even twisted in a U shape and still work fine.

I looked into the Tilted-Folded-Dipole design and found , like most do, about half the power is absorbed by the "matching" resistor. The resistor needs to be 600 ohms, non-inductive, and rated for half of the transmitter power. The antenna is basically a radiating dummy load with an antenna wire attached (IMHO).

Mike, KC9Q


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Feb 4, 2015
Just bought the 10/11 Moxon from Sal electronics. Put antenna together for 11 meters. The build quality seems as if it could take on a f5 tornado. Instructions are spot on for 10/11 meters and easy to follow. Had a question about something, gave Sal's a call and was answered quickly. Would recommend.

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