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Sending my Yaesu VX-8r in for repair


Ham Radio Nerd
Apr 14, 2002
Well, my VX-8 has developed a strange problem. It has started randomly "rebooting" or restarting itself. It happens often enough that it's annoying. At first I thought it was just becasue of a weak battery, but then I noticed it started doing it right after it charged. It usually happens when I hit the FN button, although I can't force the problem to reproduce itself. I never had this problem before using the RT Systems software, but I seriously doubt that this is what caused the problem.

I contacted Yaesu and am sending it in.

How unusual, that a strange one to figure out.

I've only noticed mine rebooting/restarting when I try to TX at 5 watt when the battery's low.

I've been monitoring your posts since you first got one. This seems to be the only forum with info about this HT.

Thanks for providing such good info keep it up. :)

Sorry to hear about that, if anyone is the VX8R guru it's you, I hope that all the testing you did in the beginning hasn't caused a problem. One thing about Yaesu they turn around the warranty stuff pretty quick. Good Luck
Sorry to hear that, Moleculo.

I took mine back too with evident software/hardware problem.

I hope this aint a cross-your-fingers radio...
I've nearly convinced myself that this is because of the RTSystems software. I sent a message to them today and they want to see the file I downloaded. Of course, I'm going to send it to them. This rig never did this before I used the software, so....

I notice that RTSystems has a few bug updates released already. Cooincidence??? I guess we'll find out.
you know mind has been doing this since I bought it. I thought it was a bad connection with the battery. If I squeeze in in the sides of the radio sometimes I can get it to restart?!? Have you tried that. I wondered if it was a button issue because I was usually going to push that button or was pushing the function button while it happened.
I'm usually holding it my left hand, and pushing th FN button. It almost always does it only after a full charge. I wonder if my hand is coming in contact with the battery terminals on the back and causing some type of static discharge right after charging up.
Thanks for the info... The only problem i had was with the audio output it was real low. Took back to HRO and they gave me a new one on the spot, witch is why i did not do mail order. I do not get my RT software until after the 10th of june when they start shipping the latest one. I will keep my eyes open:unsure:
Keeping An Eye Peeled

Sorry for the problem with your HT. I got mine after yours with the RT systems software. So far I have not had any problems. Thanks for keeping us posted!

Well.... After a few great months the time has finally come...

I fired up the '8 this morning and got nothing but terrible garbled and extremly low audio. Tried different bands, tried different configurations, got the same audio from the front of the radio and the hand mic... so I called Yaesu. After being on hold for only a few minutes Tim from their tech department helped me trouble shoot a few things and then told me to package it up and send it on in. He told me they would probably have it back to me in a few days 2 weeks max.

so looks like I am back to running the vx-170 for a few days...

I will post the results from Yaesu.

This is interesting...

I got a postcard yesterday from Vertex Standard addressed to me. It contained the model name, serial number, when the device was received by them (I just sent it in late last week), the work order number, and an estimated turn around time. On the reverse side it has contact info and some other basic stuff.

This is the first time any radio equipment manufacturer has ever send me any type of communication verfying that they received the equipment and when they will send it back. I got to give them credit for what seems to be nice customer service. Hopefully the radio won't have the same issue when I get it back :)
Well I got it back last night. Yaesu's customer service isn't too far away from me so shipping is next day. All it said on the slip was 1/2 hour of repair labor. So I guess whatever was wrong wasn't a big deal to fix...if they even found what was wrong. Time will tell. All of the memories are still there and the out of band mod was still working. Turn around time was a week.

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