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Smokey and the CB

In my area the only cops who have a cb in the car are CHP. Even then it is a rare thing, mostly only the CHP DOT truck. Although many years ago a buddy and I were running down a grade listening to 19 and some trucker was asking about the "polar bear". I responded that he was at the bottom of the grade by me. Moments later he blows by me and the mic is ripped out of my hand. My buddy had taken it and he's addressing the CHP officer, something along the lines of seeing how he has an antenna for cb and more than likely the radio to go with it; why not join the conversation... CHP came back a couple of moments later saying that it was more fun to listen to us than it was to talk to us... Still a high point in my buddy's radio life...
My best Smokey story happened in the 80's. I was mobile, tooling around NW San Antonio listening on 19. A driver heading out west on IH-10 called out "How about a Smokey Report"....seconds later we heard "you got a Smokey, what do you want to report?" Man, I had tears running down my face, I laughed so hard.
We had a patrol cop in Livonia, Mi. that was always around during rush hours. His handle was Double Nickel. It was during the 55 mph speed limit days. Everyone chatted with him.

I seen to remember the police using the unused channels between 22 and 23 way back with the 108" whip and tube radios.
I would see "Police Monitor CB Channel 9" signs on highways 30 years ago here in New Jersey. Never heard any activity though. I'm guessing the squelch was up and the volume down.

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