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Stryker SR-655HP rx issue

Cable Guy

Void where prohibited
Dec 29, 2010
West Tennessee
Hi all! A friend brought me this radio and said it didn't rx and that another guy said "blown diode". It appears that it does tx, on frequency, with full mod. Well, I'm not experienced in Stryker radios and it has smd components. Found a schematic and pcb layout. Noticed an inductor melted, layout says it's L9. Still looking over the board. Here's a pic.

And a missing C579 (arrow)

I avoid smd stuff like the plague, but I do have a hot air rework station and can replace these components after a caffeine detox. Friend didn't give any info on conditions that ghosted rx. Any help is appreciated. I only profit experience when I work on stuff and most has been assimilated from this collective of minds known as wwdx and am thankful for this resource. One day, I may be able to repay what I have learned in like fashion.


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