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I was in Suriname July 4 maybe 1988 or so.
city of Paranam. ? ?... at the ALCOA plant.
(Aluminum Company of America) a civil war going on.
Buses and cars on their sides, with bullet holes.
we were at a bar. bullet holes in the walls.
it was "Dutch Guiana" they spoke Dutch. I have paper money
from there, with the dictators' picture drawing on it.
I was a U.S. Merchant Marine Radio Officer.
I had to make contact with a Suriname marine radio
station in Morse Code. while partying ashore,
soldiers wanted my Nike shoes. I have big feet, size 12.
gave the soldiers some Marlboro cigarettes. I was told to
carry cigarettes and small U.S. Dollar bills while going
out in Third World countries in my early days.

Suriname was traded for Long Island New York.
"New Amsterdam" with the British.
The Dutch would of lost it in a war, so they traded.

get me some beer, and I can tell all sorts of stories...
when I was out walking around and drinking
in Third World shit holes.
Argentina, Brasil, Venezuela, Uruguay, Panama, etc.

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