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Teaberry Stalker Two - 40 Channel SSB

Discussion in 'CB and Export Equipment and Accessories' started by Riverman71, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Riverman71

    Riverman71 Part-time Member

    Nov 12, 2013
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    See these for sale occasionally. Good looking radios.
    Anyone have experience with one?
    Good points? Bad points?


  2. unit_399

    unit_399 EL CAPO

    Jun 17, 2008
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    The Stalker II (4002) is one of five 40 channel Teaberry radios that used the Uniden 858 SSB chassis. The others: Stalker I (4001), Stalker 101, Stalker 102, and Stalker 202. Like all 858SSb radios ... a keeper. Still a lot of them around, but usually pricey.

    - 399
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  3. sonoma

    sonoma Sr. Member

    Sep 14, 2005
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    I have the stalker one I refurbished last year and it sounds great on air. has great receive also. I have been offered 200.00 for it from one guy I was taking to one day. . the one I have looks good and I will never part with it. my son can sell it when I die.
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  4. donny dobbs

    donny dobbs New Member

    Oct 19, 2018
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    i have a stalker 2 its 23 ch am/ssb. Id like to add a few channels but not finding anything on the net. anyone have ideas ?
    also might replace some caps.
  5. Adamf

    Adamf Member

    Jan 20, 2016
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    Hi Donny, I just got a Teaberry Stalker II 23 channel and found that someone ran a few wires and switches to the channel selector control so wondering if you can possibly take pictures inside the radio of the control so I can see the color code of the wires and put it back the way it should be? Thanks for any help. Adam

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