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Thailand and others....


Yes, that's 3100 degrees F. Nine yrs of hard work.
Apr 5, 2005
West Coast - Washington
Yesterday evening just close to dark here on the coast, Philippines was coming pretty strong around 6:00 Pacific time and while I was scanning the upper 11 meter band, I came across two guys talking. As it turned out I had just talked to the two of them and they were talking to a friend that I knew from Thailand. So I gave a quick call when they sighed off and low and behold, the guy in Thailand answered me back. Our signals were just a 3, but 100% copy.
So that made my day, Banana was his name and here is picture of him from 20 yrs ago when we first talked.


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groundwir - at that moment we were on 27.545 usb.

Blackcat63 - was nice to chat with you also, you have excellent audio from that radio.
Thanks i will listen up. I haven't heard the Phillipines since the old days, like the 80's. I used to talk to japan, Phillipines, Indonesia, all over the pacific and Australia every day. I was in Hawaii though, alot easier.
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Very nice @DXman I'm glad to hear that you made that connection especially the radio friend after years also.

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