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The Midland 40 CB Telephone


Jul 28, 2021
Finally did this one! was a trade for tiny mobile cb..
This bad boy was a wreck..blown power supply, blown final, RX upto ch 32..
Fixed all that, replaced the 4 amp PS trans for a 10 amp rate and a new final..
5.5 deadkey swinging upto 19 pep..
The handset needs a new cable, it causing feedback but it does work if you twist it..
Has a very nice Cybernet Pll02a board..


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midnight special

Sr. Member
Mar 13, 2012
midland realistic ef johnson lafayette and others made mobile units like phones,,, hygain had a handset that plugged into some of their sets,,, i have a 4 pin plug handset with a speaker that turns off and sound then is in handset i have no idea who made it but is a cool setup,,,
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