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Apr 14, 2002
Tidradio contacted me and asked if I would like to take a look at a new product: their bluetooth radio programmer and software for the various Chinese radios such as Baofeng. Of course, I couldn't turn down the opportunity. I also picked up a new Baofeng UV-5RA , the high power model, to try out, as well. Here's a video I made, reviewing the product:

It's about $25 on Amazon: Amazon product ASIN B098SM9FVL

I have 2 of the TID H6's - Reviewed in a different post. Really liking so far. Noticeably better receiver than the BF UV-5R's, 10 watt capable and comes with 2 batteries. Got mine when they were $41 .... now up to like $63 on Amazon
The 2 guys I saw measure the wattage on those, they didn't go anywhere near 10 watts. par for the course with Chinese radios. If it has a better front-end, that alone is definitely worth it. I like UV5R "chassis" radios because there are so many battery, & accessory options out there for them.

If you like the H6, you should check out the DM1801. (It looks like the same "chassis") Its a DMR/Analog triband and you can store 1000 channels, analog or DMR mixed.. If you get one, replace the firmware with the OPENGD77 firmware. Makes it alot better than factory... Here's a link to a quick review:

DM1801 with OpenGD77 firmware
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I have ordered the Bluetooth Programmer. Hopefully will work well and an exceptional tool for $25. Have two TID H6's and two original type UV-5R's. Will get them all on the same page.
Ooooo Boy
Short Story. Got the thing, figured it out. It works, sort of.
Long Story. Neat device and the price is right at $25. It is small so it came in a tiny box .... with an even tinier manual. There are actually a really few number of steps involved in setting up and accomplishing the task and they are clearly outlined in the manual ... but I literally had to get out and use a magnifying glass to read it. I have never seen printing that small in my life. 10 demerit points for the ridiculously un-readable with the naked eye manual.
States easier to perform the programming from computer and it surely would be. No trouble getting on their website, registering and getting to the programming page which mirrors what you see on the phone except in Whole Page format. I however could not find or get to the Instruction Manual anywhere .... it went right into the Programming Parameters so I was stuck using the tiny paper manual. Have modern iMac desktop and iPhone. All Bluetooth (BT) enabled of course and on wifi. Everything sitting together on the desk. The phone instantly saw the Programmer but the Mac would not. Even tried it with the PGR plugged in - but that relegates to a Charging Mode Only and you cannot turn on the PRG while it is charging. The Mac could see what the phone was doing as I proceeded with the programming - but the phone would not see what the Mac was doing when I entered the info on the Mac. So .... the computer ended up being useless in the procedure and had to do all from the phone.
From here, there are 2 "pages" the PGR calls them Options, which equates to MENU on the radio. Pay close attention to the options as they factory-selected several parameters that you likely are going to want to change. FURTHER, even with making your Selections - when you go to do the programming by channel, these Options, some of which also appear on the Freq Info Enter Page, will CHANGE when you move around to different freq. ranges .... have no idea why .... you would think they would all stay where you once put them .... but they may change. SO when on the Freq. Info Entering Page for each individual channel, you MUST also scroll through the OPTIONS on each channel to make sure that the Option Settings are all where you want them and there was at least 3 items I had to keep changing away from the Factory "suggestions" to do what I wanted. And I learned this the fucking hard way because I did not notice the first time around that the Settings would change themselves around as you did programming in differing freq. areas. So after manually entering info for 49 channels and Writing to the radio .... I had to go back and re-do again going through all 49 channels to make sure all the optional parameters were what I wanted for each frequency. I'm not necessarily faulting the device for this circumstance, just loudly pointing out that you must do this ..... or you'll back back re-doing the whole list.
This is a TIDRadio (Baofeng Platorm) product and I have 2 TID H6 radios which I really like so far. The PGR saw the H6's just fine and everything went more or less smoothly. Went to Repeat Same channel list onto an older classic UV-5R ..... but the PGER would not "read" that radio despite plainly being on the list of compatible radios. Had both UV5R and UV5R ver.B on its list. Tried them both. Neither worked. So could not do the Baofeng.
Lastly, if you want to try this thing, you better be fairly device literate with your gear. If you are kind of a dummy with computers and smart phones ..... then you're probably gonna end up throwing this thing against the wall or running over to your smarter friend's house begging for his help ..... and take your magnifying glass with you.

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