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Uniden BC906W Wireless Microphone Pin Out


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Mar 21, 2014
I searched through them but all I could find was 6 pin Uniden 6 pin microphone color/pin out. I know which pins (1-6) are for what but I don’t know which color goes to which on this mic.
I could ave sworn Handy Andy posted it somewhere but, of course, now that I actually need it lol...

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    I hope he did not ask that question on the "ZED" he would get vaporized...75% telling in some "polite way" are you going to put up a "REAL" antenna? The rest telling him that's the greatest antenna ever with my 7300o_O:coffee:
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    still the dx wa 135 antenna
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    the guy qrming 27385l is on 27383 is Matt K2YCK in New York for info very bad operator causing intententional
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    bleedover to 27385lsb