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Update on RI126 Base Station W/ pics



Here is some updated pics of the station I have been asking all the questions on. I got my antenna up today 5/2/05, not a good day for it. It was a little windy to be putting something up like this by yourself. Your help has been tremendous, Thanks, RI126


Thank You. I hope to be up and running soon. My coax should be in this week. Then all I have to do is remember how to put the connecters on. Does anybody know if there is a forum topic on this matter?
Thanks cheech, I've been working real hard with the help of everyone here on WWRF. I guess the real test will be when I get my coax hooked up. It still hasn't arrived yet. I'm getting real impatient.

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  • @ Jim5570091:
    Maybe. I wasn’t impressed with just clamping the shield wire to the boom with a hose clamp. I built a l bracket with so239 female hubs. I posted a picture on the recent gallery’s.
  • @ Jim5570091:
    Well I cut the matching stubs down 1 inch at a time from about 20” down to 6”. Still no real changes.
  • @ 555 Central Missouri:
    Hello everyone, I have a old courier centurion pll 40 channel SSB, it has the extra channels and it has another switch that just moves the frequency down one channel on the dial, what is the purpose for this?
  • @ BJ radionut:
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