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uv 5r pro program it ??

Discussion in 'MURS / FRS / GMRS' started by 959, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. 959

    959 Member

    Jul 7, 2013
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    hello just got a baofeng uv-5r pro how do I program it any help thanks


  2. fodendaf

    fodendaf Active Member

    May 2, 2009
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    here is my experience of programming the uv5r+. afaik the firmware should be the same with only minor differences.
    robb has this covered fairly well already along with the numerous videos on youtube but sometimes another view helps.
    here are my presets. I find that my radio jumps frequency a lot so i got a friend to turn it off and i don't know how he did it,
    except that the answer is in one of the presets.

    if you don't want any headaches set every setting in your radio to the following. Press menu to view settings then up/down or
    menu keypad numbers to navigate.

    1, step is 2.5k . PMR446 step is 6.25khz the UVD1P models do not support PMR446 or these instructions probably.
    3, save is 1
    4 vox off
    5 wn wide for loud mic audio
    6 abr 5
    7 tdr off
    8 beep off
    9 tot 120
    10 r-dcs off
    11 r-ctcs off
    12 t-dcs off
    13 t-ctcs off
    14 voice off ( leave this on for a while as it tells you when you have saved to memory which is useful.
    15 leave this alone. it is a security feature that can lock up your radio i think.
    16 dt+ani
    17 s-code 1
    18 sc-rev to
    19 ptt-id off
    20 ptt-lt 1
    21 mdf-a name
    22 mdf-b freq
    23 bcl off
    24 autolk off
    25 sft-d off
    26 offset 00.000
    32 al-mod tone
    34 tdr-ab off
    35 ste on
    36 rp-ste 1
    37 rpt-rl off
    38 ponmsg full
    39 roger off

    Due to the tendency of the radio to drop out of the menu rather than tell you to enter it I will assume you are entering the settings from the menu.

    *do this once only*
    punch 3, (should see "save"), menu again press up/down until "1" shows. now press menu again to save.
    press exit or wait a few seconds to exit menu.

    here is how to program a simplex memory.
    *pmr446 frequencies cannot be entered directly but must be entered via a close frequency then navigated up/down to jump to the required fraction.

    punch vfo/mr until you enter vfo mode, i.e. you see no channel number anywhere. now press a/b to move cursor to the top vfo. You
    cannot program memories from the bottom vfo. now press menu, 2, menu, up/down and set your tx power and press menu again to save.
    Now press 1,menu, up/down or menu, 1 , menu, up/down from the vfo to set the step. if you don't know what step then choose 2.5k.
    Now wait a few seconds to drop back to vfo and enter your frequency from the keypad.
    press menu again then 27 then press menu and up/down to find a channel to save to.
    if a channel is already in memory it will prefix the channel number with "ch". But you can save over it anyway.
    Thats it. get talking to someone.

    here is how to program a split memory on the same band with tone code.
    enter rx frequency in top vfo. set power as in the simplex instructions. now , menu. 26, menu . Taking note of the decimal point, enter the difference in megahertz between your tx and rx frequency. use a calculator if you must but it is usually 0.6 mhz(I think). press menu again to save. now go to menu heading 25, press menu again to set to add the tx off set which is stored in menu heading 26 to the rx frequency already entered or subtract the tx offset as indicated by the + and - symbols.
    Now press menu, 13 menu up/down again to set repeater ctcss tone to whatever is required.
    now press menu, 27, menu to select a channel to save to via up/down, then menu again to save to that channel.
    thats it.
  3. loosecannon

    loosecannon Sr. Member

    Mar 9, 2006
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    did you happen to glance at the other thread you started when you came on to the forum today?
  4. buickid

    buickid Active Member

    Nov 22, 2012
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    1. Read everything there is to be read on Baofeng UV-5R, UV-B5, UV-82, Information Site, Two-Way, Ham Radio, uv5r plus - BaoFeng, Two-Way, Radios, Two-Way Radio, Outdoor, hunting, camping, GMRS, FRS, Ham Radio, Mobile Transceiver, Walkie-Talkie, Radio Accessories, Shortwave Radio
    Seriously, that site is awesome for anything to do with the Baofengs. Check out the re-written manual, infinitely helpful.

    2. Program by hand using your newfound knowledge

    3. Realize that hand programming is for the birds.

    4. Go order a legit FTDI programming cable and download CHIRP.

    4a. Wait a few days for the cable.

    5. Use CHIRP to program about 50 frequencies in the time it took you to do 5 by hand.

    6. Crack open a beer and relax with your freshly programmed HT!
  5. Dale Cates

    Dale Cates New Member

    Oct 15, 2018
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    Been fiddling around with the FTDI cable for 2 days, yes its an legit one, updated Chirp to the newest, drivers for the FTDI cable are current according to Milkor/CHIRP but I am still getting -Radio refused to send block 0x1ec0 -error message. Baofang Bff8hp Any help would be appreciated. Have been drinking more beer after trying to figure it out :)
  6. w9cll

    w9cll W9WDX Amateur Radio Club Member

    Jan 19, 2013
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    Slow down your serial port speed. It needs to be 9600 or less.

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