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May 15, 2018
Every now and then some one will ask me WHY do I talk on SSB only , you can talk on AM or even FM now .I think the best example of why SSB and not the others is to tell you of my last contact today . 3/7/22 monday and it,s busy on 11 meters every one,s talking to some one and I have made a cotact to on -- 555 so we move to --480 . we start talking about radio and antennas and all of a sudden we have 1- 2- 3 radio operators talking over us . So I weight and I tell them the frequency is now in use . You know what they said , they apologized and moved off to make contacts elsewhere and that,s why I talk on SSB and not on the others....You all have a nice day.

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    Is it possible to be on a lake and have a homing directional beam being emitted from the shore so a person could navigate to that beam's source? For example at night to a jetty.
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    sea que sea que,