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Wouxun KG-UV8D Frequency Expansion Software


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Apr 14, 2002
Some retailers selling the Wouxun KG-UV8D are limiting the frequency range of the Wouxun KG-UV8D. The radio's transmit range is easily modified using any of the standard Wouxun programming cables along with the appropriate software. The software necessary to expand the TX range is attached to this thread.

After you download and install the software (assuming you have the programming cable driver properly installed), you will see the following screen upon launch:


The Down Arrow downloads the radio's frequency range to the computer. The first line of each group (430M & 144M) is the radio's capable frequency range. The second line is the current configured transmit range. You can change these to be anything within the bandwidth specified by the radio's capability. All you have to do is change the second line in each group to the desired band limits. Press the Up arrow to write the changes to the radoi.


  • KG-UV8D_Freq_Limit.ex_
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Is there a expansion software for WOUXUN KG-UV8E to expand TX above 148Mhz/450Mhz,seems my unit is only staying in Part 97,,thanks
I can't figure out how to expand it in chirp and everything loads in the radio but gives me a "FRQ OVER" ERROR. I have the receive freqs just find. Guess I don't know what options to set.

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    Maybe. I wasn’t impressed with just clamping the shield wire to the boom with a hose clamp. I built a l bracket with so239 female hubs. I posted a picture on the recent gallery’s.
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    Well I cut the matching stubs down 1 inch at a time from about 20” down to 6”. Still no real changes.
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    Hello everyone, I have a old courier centurion pll 40 channel SSB, it has the extra channels and it has another switch that just moves the frequency down one channel on the dial, what is the purpose for this?
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