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WTB 3 Cobra 2000GTL buttons


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Aug 12, 2011
I picked up a Cobra 2000 GTL at an estate sale and it is missing two of the push button switch covers and one complete button for under the counter. The buttons are a two piece button. The silver cover for the buttons are what is missing for two of them. It appears that they are a glue on cover. Hoping someone has a parts rig that could help out or know where I could get a set of the switches or buttons for them.

Also I have heard there is a kit for the blue display. I see the completed assembly on Ebay for $50 but thought the kit you solder together yourself would be less expensive. I haven't tracked one down yet and thought someone may have some info about it.

Thanks. Mike K7MH. K7MH@comcast.net

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