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Yaesu FT-840 repair


Reformed CB'er
May 4, 2005
Well I sent my Yaesu FT-840 in to Burghardt's for repair. I ca't wait to see what was wrong. Hope it isn't too expensive.

Thats Ironic I have an FT-840 I purchased off Ebay a few years back it was damaged and it was temperarily fixed and it actually worked great for 2 years then the display started flashing I was thinking about getting this one sent out to Burghardt aswell I have 2 of these FT-840 and they are outstanding HF rigs and simple to use. I was going to give my 2 licensed teenagers each one of these FT-840 and one of theFT-2800M I have here but Im thinking now about just giving them each a Yaesu FT-857D that way they have everything covered in one little rig ;).

Let us know what was wrong with your FT-840 and what the $$$ damage is I like Burghardt they do good work and thats the only place I send repairs I cant do they are also pretty quick with turnaround time.

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