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Jul 12, 2017 at 6:34 AM
Jul 28, 2013
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Jul 12, 2017
    1. Tripple Nickel
      Tripple Nickel
      Just checking on Port Orange to see how you made it ? Haven't been on lately but was concerned especially Aunt Catfish Restaurant. 3's, later.
      David g.
    2. CamoRedneck
      Know of anyone who can work on a Yeticom MKIII ? Seem's mine has no modulation, tried a Icom HM-12 mic after I thought the original mic may have been bad.

      Radio will key up but no modulation on AM or SSB. Thanks
    3. Needle Bender
      Needle Bender
      Hey there, Since there's no private msgs anymore, how about sending an email to my gmail buffer address of wimpyradios (at) g mail com and let's exchange info. It will be great to hook up on the air before this wimpy cycle ends all together.
    4. Tripple Nickel
      Tripple Nickel
      Your the man. 3's and all that good stuff.
      1. 222DBFL
        And here is a phone number for Gatekeeper I beleive per his Facebook page. 678-557-4846, it's says he is in Monroe, GA. Address is:
        100 Reed Way, Monroe, GA 30655.
        Hope this is the right info. Seemed pretty current.
        Mar 14, 2015
      2. 222DBFL
        if you are sending it out for repair I really would consider Crusher. Just PM him and tell him I passed along the info. He is a good guy and is very nice. Does great work and is highly respected amongst the other builders. Check out some amp threads on here and really on Mauldroppers. Again hope this info will help man.
        Mar 14, 2015
    5. Tripple Nickel
      Tripple Nickel
      Just looking for gatekeeper, he does Amp repair, lives in NE Georgia, has a lot of video's on YOUTUBE, but I cannot find his contact info. Got any idea's ? david
      1. 222DBFL
        No sir. Only real amp guys I know of are crusher here on the forum, he is in Ky, and ghost rider, he's in s. FL. I will say That crusher is one heck of a amp guy and knows his stuff. I have sent stuff to him and referred several people to him and all the referred people have nothing but praise! And he doesnt kill you as far as cost!!
        Mar 14, 2015
      2. 222DBFL
        Maybe PM him, I believe he knows gatekeeper as well and might be able to get you in touch with him. I wouldn't think twice about sending my amp to crusher though, like I said he is a good tech and knows his stuff!! Hope this helps.
        Mar 14, 2015
    6. Tripple Nickel
      Tripple Nickel
      Will be in P/Orange next week, don't know what day, but won't have SSB radio, only AM. I know you use 38lsb but is there an AM you monitor ?
      555 aka Tripple Nickel
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