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Recent content by Brookster

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    Icom ID-51 Expanded Tx Mod

    Amazing. AWESOME!!! You guys should work for Icom! Awesome!
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    Icom ID-51 Quick Overview Video

    So I gotta ask... How'd you get yours so soon?
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    Icom ID-51

    If pictures are worth 1000 words RigPix Database - Icom - ID-51E Shows V on one "side" and U in the other. VU! I'll take one, please. Brooks
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    Icom ID-51

    Ok - I'm in I couldn't believe they brought out a 70cm (ONLY) radio last time, I still ended up buying one. And I'll be stunned if they really stick with the reported VV or UU operation - surely they can do VV, VU / UV, or UU, right? I'll probably still end up buying this one too, but I'll...
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    New Icom ID-31 440Mhz DSTAR HT with GPS

    Had one in my hand today at HRO I dropped into HRO, asked them to look into their UPS shipments, and sure enough - they had 5! I really wanted to buy it, but UHF only? This radio could be considered perfect if and only if it had wideband receive. Sadly, it doesn't and that's why I left...