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  • Hi ButtFuzz, I followed a link you posted to your website with advice on two options for a enabling the clarifier on PTBM121D4X radios to adjust the outing TX frequency. However, the link no longer appears to work (sommerkamp_tristar_747_clarifier_unlock.pdf)
    . Could you let me know if you have these mods posted elsewhere or where I could take a look at them? I'm looking to mod my Tristar 747. :)
    i haven't got time to go into this in detail in this format. if you're wanting information about "phasing harnesses" (no such thing as co-phase, meaningless industry manufactured terminology) you can contact me @: 208-276-3172.
    OK thanks. My Name is Rob. KG4ZPN. I have a friend on the CB who is just at the fringe of reception for me named Blue Jay, and I thought he may have landed here.

    From N Central Ohio, not a CB handle just a nick I started to use before my ham license came thru. The last I was on CB I was KLN8665

    Blue Jay
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