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May 31, 2020 at 8:22 AM
May 12, 2007
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Maintenance Tech

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I haven't gotten any of the new pills from XForce. Haven't been able to test out yet. Aug 14, 2015

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Viewing forum Amplifiers, May 31, 2020 at 8:22 AM
    1. dave457
      Ok thanks
    2. CyberSlacker
      could you recommend a builder? i want a Class AB amp, not for competition, looking for an accurate and clean signal.

      about 150 watts rms. for am and SSB,

      online everytime i read a positive review about a builder, it is followed by a few negative reviews.

      very confusing for a new user.

      thanks, mark
    3. CyberSlacker
      do you still build amps? website? or just as a hobby?
      1. Crusher
        I still build some. But lately been doing lots of repair work.
        Sep 12, 2016
    4. Tripple Nickel
      Tripple Nickel
      need to send you email
    5. Crusher
      I haven't gotten any of the new pills from XForce. Haven't been able to test out yet.
    6. Tripple Nickel
      Tripple Nickel
      222dbfl said to give you a shout, I'm trying to get in touch with gatekeeper & you might know. I live in NE Georgia like he does, and have looked on youtube @ his videos, but no contact info. Hope you can help. 3's to you/yours.
      1. Crusher
        Gatekeeper is on facebook. Otherwise I don't have any contact info sorry.
        Mar 14, 2015
    7. BJ radionut
      BJ radionut
      1. Crusher
        I'd email seller and ask for specs. See what it is rated for. 300pf is plenty for amp. You don't need 2 for the blocking cap.
        Feb 4, 2015
      2. Crusher
        I'd look at some other 6 meter amps and see what they used. I'm sure that cap would be alright. But would feel better if had some hard proof. Otherwise it can get expensive guessing.
        Feb 5, 2015
    8. Duppy Conquerer
      Duppy Conquerer
      Thanks for your continued support ...you are truly a Blessing. Keep up the good works.
    9. Crusher
      Hey post some stuff so i can PM you.
    10. Big.A
      hey Crusher been looking into a wizard built 10kw box and looked around the fourms and it seems he leaves things out that should be in the box so i wanted to know how much and how long would it take to have you build me a 10kw tube box ?

      thanks Big.A
    11. Duppy Conquerer
      Duppy Conquerer
      Seen some L/C meters on eBay coming from China that seems compable to AADE with a little greater test range..tempting to try based on price.
    12. Crusher
      Glad I can help.
    13. Duppy Conquerer
      Duppy Conquerer
      Keep up the good works! You make a a difference.
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