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    I've made numerous QRP (<5W) with the uBitx. I prefer my v5 to my v6.2 as it has gained more contacts. The v6 is easier for band changes. The v5 has a cleaner sounding recieve, or mine does.
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    Issue with icom746

    Maybe check your Vox, or CW button?
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    Issue with icom746

    Manual for you.
  4. HomerBB

    Field Day This Weekend ...... and no threads here .... lol

    I intend to use field day to work out my QRP portable setup. Virtually the only time there are enough stations across the bands willing to make quick contacts with portable QRP stations. Also, field day tends to run off the sit around and listen to themselves rattle guys (boring...).
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    Anyone watching MCWS baseball?

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    Its time to get out of radio

    My goodness, undertaker, all you had to say is, "I need a hug"... :giggle:
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    Just QRP fun.

    It's still a fine accomplishment. Such fun.
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    Homebrew Co-phased Ground Plane Antennas

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    Just QRP fun.

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    Just QRP fun.

    I know. But he heard me and came back to me.
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    Just QRP fun.

    Well, I was teasing about it. I am used to QRP. 11m taught me that.
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    Just QRP fun.

    I hear you. QRP works fine for me. As they say, there's 3 things that anyone can or must do, poop, pay taxes, and make QRO contacts. ;)
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    Just QRP fun.

    Again, today, 4/21/22, another great QRP contact on 15m - 21.300 mhz. PV8AL, Hello, in Brazil using 5 watts. My conditions were the uBitx v 6.1 and Imax 2000 @ 37' to the coax connector. Total distance from me, 3,313 miles. Yesterday, 4/20/22, Just for the fun of it, I had a Cleveland Ohio...
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    New Ham (KN6TUX)

    You aren't by any chance from Kentucky?