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  • Roger's huh? I'm in prattsville. Came from harrison and mtn home area. Cb is dead up there. We have a group here we pump. Big numbers, 8 to 10 almost everynight. Whoo hoo big group. Try 1lsb in the evenings for the 270 group. I'm little camper.
    I have always used a LC (inductor/capacitor parallel) matching network for half wave monoband antennas.
    I am thinking you want to make this antennaFor a monoband 1/2 wave antenna both a capacitor and an inductor.
    That design here is commonly called a station master.
    Possibly not the most efficient of radiators but seems to hold up well in our windy conditions.
    Appreciate any thoughts and advice you may have on the subject.
    HI Homer, I would like to build a half wave vertical. The one with the radiator fed with a tapped coil. How much radiator is below the tap in point? Does it matter? It would be much stronger if the aluminium radiator was inserted through to the bottom of the "C" clamp inside the PVC section which I think also works as a capacitor.
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