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    leave it up or take it down

    the eye is coming ashore at port charlote which is 90 miles due south of me, wind is starting to get very gusty and rain is heavy, we got it no problem,,,
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    leave it up or take it down

    well raining here since dark, but hey good news they moved jim cantore south from clearwater to punta gorda, that means it will pass south of me with just some wind and rain and maybe a tornado but hey it will follow good ole jim,,,
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    Turner +2 SSB schematic (more than one choice)

    ya gotta remember that the ssb +2 is made different than the +2 they look alike but different boards and such ssb is marked ssb and +2 is marked just +2
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    Non-typical repeater application.

    passive antennas? maybe?
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    leave it up or take it down

    now gas is out or real low in stations, water gone off shelves some left to go north, reports of break ins have started already,(every storm is like that when they pack and run) i 75 is almost a parking lot i 4 just about as bad,, i aint going(cant any way biden has broke me)
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    leave it up or take it down

    plant city fl,, gas went up 10cents,,, water and canned food starting to move off shelves,,, panic started but i aint skerd, i dont run around like i am nuts,,, i can survive with out the governments help,,, hunker down and sit on the front porch and watch it blow!!!!!,,,,,
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    leave it up or take it down

    i am in hillsboro county,, i aint skerd,,,,
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    How many radios do you run?

    kenwood ts 820, president washington first generation, cobra 142 gtl, icom 207 dual band, icom 551, mobiles cobra 29 gtl ratrodded to the max,,, and a stryker sr25mc
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    Where are the cobra fm cb radios?

    mod for the 45wx for fm is here,,, https://www.radiomods.co.nz/cobra45wxmods.html
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    Craziest swr question ever??

    harmonics from amp,,, should check swr without amp on and if good then ya shouldnt have a worry,
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    CB antenna too close to dual band antenna?

    my 2 meter base load is mounted above the dome/external brakelight on roof and my 102 whip is 2 foot back mounted on my tool box,, swr is perfect on both and i seem to get out real good on both,,, just my 2 cents worth,,
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    CB FM Mode

    i believe 26.805 is channel 61 in german cb setup,,, europeans have been using it for fm contacts world wide,,, much like 27.555 usb is used for world wide ssb contacts,,,
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    WTB: Siltronix SSB-23 (Albatross/SSB-23A) Japanese 23 ch mobile

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    WTB: Siltronix SSB-23 (Albatross/SSB-23A) Japanese 23 ch mobile

    you need the model 90-1 and the crystal is 11.955mhz
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    CB FM Mode

    26.805 is channel 65 cb in germany,, that is what started the international "fm" dx frequency, usa fm freqs so far in the legal 40 channels is channel 1 and 24,,, but remember fm can be used any where on the legal 40,,,