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    This guy every day! 38 low!!!

    Heres the Blue waffle
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    This guy every day! 38 low!!!

    0005652698 | KC5CSG | Act/Gen | Materne, Jerry W | 806 Park Avenue | Copperas Cove, TX 76522 | | 0005655915 | KD5EXX | Act/Tec | MATERNE, LAURA L | 806 Park Avenue | Copperas Cove, TX 76522
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    This guy every day! 38 low!!!

    806 park place copperas cove texas - Bing or you can google earth him 806 Park Place Copperas Cove Texas do a little more digging and you will find something else
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    CB Lights

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    FT-950 SSB Transmit Audio

    could it be rf getting back to you
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    NYE VIKING Low Pass Filter

    For Sale NYE VIKING Low Pass Filters Model # 250-20 new in Box with paper wrapping and instructions with brackets 25.00 plus shipping
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    Galaxy 2547 USB won't align

    just put it on channel 38 and talk you will sound like most the others on there
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    Need to hide antennas

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    Uniden 980 SSB

    unlocked clairfiers????? just another person you have to tune in to hear what they say saying
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    Static / Noise on VHF Radio

    maybe install it in the boat where it goes and maybe it will go away
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    Who makes or sells this sound?

    i would rather sell someone an amp than have to listen to another stupid idiot going on and on with his toy
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    WestCom Engineering TXL-100B

    And to add to the list of findings i found 2 Palomar tx-50 3-30 mhz
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    WestCom Engineering TXL-100B

    Came across this little txl100b 80-10 meter bi-linear amplifier has on and off and ssb and AM and preamp on and off cant find any info on it
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    38 LSB. Were's all the Retro Noise Toys at??

    they want noise toys??? let me hook my 11 meter amp back up and install the 2500 sound effects cd and put it on replay i could play that all day long they think the occillator up and down noise is annoying just think key the mic and walk away keyed down all day long That would be one...