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    Yaesu FTM 350R APRS modem no longer work

    So I did the upgrade to 1.1 per Yaesu instruction. Now I can't turn on the APRS modem. I can turn it on in the menu, but the A12 is not showing up and I can't transmit APRS. Frustrating.
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    Yaesu FTM 350R setting up the time

    I upgraded the firmware this morning and it is doing the same thing. It does not just go back one hour. If it shows 7 O'Clock and I set it to the correct time, it goes back to 7 O'Clock. if I set it to 9 it goes back to 7, not to 8. I think it gets the time from the GPS and somehow it...
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    Yaesu FTM 350R setting up the time

    Tech support days to upgrade the firmware. I should get the cable today and will do that tomorrow.
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    Yaesu FTM-350 Data Squelch Issue

    I have it set the APRS to both L fixed and it does not interfer with my R main band
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    Yaesu FTM 350R setting up the time

    When I set up the time on the 350, it reverts itself to 1 hour back. I doubled checked my time zone five times and it is correct. I tried with Tim signal on or off. I have the GPS option. I set the time, it is correct for a some minutes and than revert it self to one hour back. What am...
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    ruggedizing the FTM-350R

    Thanks. Can you please explain "drip loop" or even attach a picture?
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    ruggedizing the FTM-350R

    Hi, I had the FTM-350R for less than two months and the TX quit. Yaesu has it and they say water damage so will see if they fix it under warranty. I am still waiting on the verdict. I am trying to figure out how that is possible. It is mounted in the vehicle rear D section. Anyway...