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  • My TS-940S is having an intermittent problem. The radio powers up, but the white digits of the frequency display disappear along with the audio. There are dots on the frequency display. Then, it will come back on again after a few minutes, then go off, etc.

    Your YouTube video link is broken. I found a couple of videos by you on this topic, but they are in Spanish. Do you have an English version?

    My call is OY3A. I have the old club station (OY6FRA) Kenwood TS-940S for repair, and after searching on the net I found Your post from 2009.
    This 940S have exactly the same issue as Yours back in 2009. Would You care to give a note on how You got it fixed and what was the problem ?


    OY3A Anfinn
    the problem was on the control unit x53-1420-11 ic7 or ic8 just resoldered and then go to p11 unit x50-2020-00 and watch my vid on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HolL2KPDQ0) sorry its in spanish but easy to figure out.
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