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  • I have a ts 430 i want to restore but before i start to take it apart the radio is stuck in transmit replaced the if board x48-1370-00 now ic-9 is getting hot i replaced the two caps around it but no luck any info will be welcome
    To anybody that reads this I'm looking for info on my d104 silver eagle plus . It has a keying up problem , and now it's stuck in key-up mod . thank you all
    Hey shockwave I'm new in here but I'm looking for info on y my d104 silver eagle plus it keys up when it wants , and now it's stock in key-up mod. Any ideas would be most helpful , thank you
    BTW, It's going up on a friend's roof & the base will be right about 50' above ground. He's in a lower elevation part of Sacramento and I'm hoping the lower TOA of the Vector4K won't lose performance compared to his 5/8.
    The GainMaster was considered but the lower power handling need for mods, and the truly FLAT TOA scared him away, thinking he might actually lose local area performance. - Your thoughts?
    Hey Donald, I'm ready to buy a new Vector 4K but want to insure I'm getting the latest version. I'm concerned I may end up with an older version if I use mail order, how would I know which I receive? Have you knowledge of the differences differentiating the latest from the rest? I've asked the mail order business and they assure me it's the latest version, but you know what people will say/do to make a sale.
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