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    If that mic uses a quarter inch stereo plug, wiring is simple. The short contact is the push to talk lead (most likely red), the next longest is the audio (white), and the very long one is ground (shield). Might have to solder the black along with the shield to that long contact.
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    looking for6146 final mod for ft-101e

    I have the yaesu 101 twins, FR101s receiver and FL101 transmitter. Transmitter uses the stock 6JS6C tubes. The 6HF5 tubes can be made to use in it, with slight change on tube sockets (look up specs). These tubes can be gotten from 15 to 20 bucks, much cheaper than the stock tubes and have almost...
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    Kenwood radios ?...

    I have a Kenwood TS450 which I only use on Ham bands, never on CB. I have not been on CB since got licensed for Ham in 1976. I agree that Kenwood has good sounding audio, both tx and rx. Kenwood is known for their great sound quality on home entertainment equipment and two-way radio. Several...