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amateur radio

  1. Z

    MOSLEY 27 MHz Antenna Designs - GROUND PLANE - DP-275-27 - "Devant Special" 11 Meters

    I just bought this antenna. I was shocked at how good the quality was. I tried Sirio Beam 3 element made in Italy. Made very well. No comparison to this Mosley 11 METER ground plane antenna. I used an Imax 2000 before I got this one and SWR was always moving around. I set this one up no...
  2. GLM927

    Big Wave

    Hello from the cold country east of Toronto Ontario Canada How's everyone doing.?
  3. D

    President HR2510 W/ Astatic D104M Minuteman

    I have a 2510 in tested and working condition that comes with an original Astatic D104M Minuteman mic. The mic still has the original plastic barrel-style battery hold INTACT, with a fairly fresh lithium battery installed. The radio's physical condition is good, and all button functions have...