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  • Hello DTB. For years I've been hearing about DTB radio and I'll be heading your way some time in the next few months. Ill be sure to include the proper paperwork when I drop off the radios.
    Galaxy DX77 HML. No AM transmit but works on SSB.
    Same issue with my 95T.
    Thank you for reading.
    P.S. I contacted Galaxy directly about repairs and they recommended DTB.
    366 south east PA.
    Hello DTB Radio, this is the Marine who is constantly out at your shop annoying you with stupid questions. I also bought most of my equipment, 2 Stryker SR 490's, a Solarcon IMAX 2000 and several other random things (meters, coax and power supplies) from you at your store. I just sent you a friend request and wanted you to know who Cue Ball was. Thanks for all the help! The base station and moble are working great!!
    i have a question about my cobra29 wx nw st. if you can help, that would be cool. im not an expert with electronics by any means but i do know a little. what i want to do is add talkback to my radio. i have a dimmer control on it that i think i want full bright all the time and to use that controll knob as a volume knob for the talkback. Is the dimmer pot. knob close enough in resistance to use for this purpose? If not, could you explain how this should be done.
    sorry to bug you
    dtb radio, i sent you a regular email pertaning to a radio. i guess i just want to say hi and have heard good things about you from other forum members.
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