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    I order a 50 volt LDMOS 24 hours ago and then I find this ....

    VIDEO IN LINK , WELL WORTH THE 8 MINUTES IF LDMOS IS NEW TO YOU ! Let me start off by saying I have very little useful knowledge about LDMOS amplifiers so far . But I'm also a pretty impulsive guy that loves new toys and technology , its kinda a problem HAHA:ROFLMAO: I finally got up the...
  2. SNIPER8541

    Doc made amplifier

    Can anyone on here tell me anything about this amplifier? A friend had it and want's to sell it haven't had a chance to go look at it. Just thought someone on here might know who built it or have some information on it. Thank's for any information you could share.
  3. G

    Henry SS 750 wanted

    I love this amp, well made old but great. Hoping that someone out there Knows where a old guy can get one, hopefully with the remote head. grock217@yahoo.com I would love to learn as much about this amp as possible. A old hame buddy in his 90's told me about it. As I live in an apartment...