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  1. Courage

    Newbie Questions

    Hey guys, hopefully this is in the right section. I want to get into CB radio, but, despite me trying to do a lot of online searches, I still have some very specific questions. My reasons for wanting to get into this hobby are for a backup/out of cell service communication, the cool, golden age...
  2. Retro CB Guy

    (2) JC penney model 6246 AM/SSB

    Essentially what you are getting is a like new one and a very used one for possible parts or whatever. The like new one works beautifully! These are of course being sold as is was no warranty whatsoever. As a bonus though you'll get the factory service manual in its entirety. We'll be...
  3. Slowmover

    Mobile Roof Puck Mount

    The victim. An ‘04 Triple Nickle CTD (Cummins TurboDiesel) with the mans’ trans. Nearing a quarter-million. Stock, but for road performance anti-roll bar changes (after a Peterbilt, it’s my diesel Corvette) with a bit more to come along that line to further enhance towing. A 1T, but with IFS...