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audio repsonse

  1. C

    Galaxy DX2547 No Receive Audio - GNF affect

    Dx2547 base - 69000 board. Same as dx959 mobile *No receive audio **If I press the GNF (galaxy noise filter) the receive audio then works. Smh Receiving signal fine PA audio works Talkback audio works TX audio works
  2. LeapFrog

    Series Pass Modulator for D.I.Y. Hi-Fi & Asymmetry

    ========================================= Solid State "Ultra Modulation" Series Pass Modulator Inspired by: RevBow's "BME" & CBphreaker's "Wabi-Sabi Mod" written by: LeapFrog 1-1-2020 ========================================= Wideband Audio Modification W/ Controlled...