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kenwood th-d75

  1. Moleculo

    Kenwood TH-D75 DStar Terminal Mode with BlueDV (Android)

    I made a quick video showing how you can use the new Kenwood TH-D75 with DStar, leveraging your phone as the DStar hotspot. In this video, I'm using the BlueDV application for the DStar gateway, connected to the TH-D75 through bluetooth. Once the radio is connected using the Bluetooth Terminal...
  2. Moleculo

    Home Kenwood TH-D75A Review - It's Finally Here!

    The Kenwood TH-D74 was my favorite handheld radio that I had ever owned. While pricey, it was packed with features and quality unlike no other. When the radio was discontinued due to a factory fire in Japan, the remaining TH-D74 stock sold out in weeks at elevated prices. I even purchased a new...