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  1. R

    Robyn 520D low receive / no TX modulation

    I have a Robyn 520D that I am working on now. The gentleman stated that he put it up 12 years ago working and when he fired it up recently it didn't work. So when I started here is what I got.. Extremely low receive-AM/LSB/USB but you can hear the hiss increase with the volume. I have to turn...
  2. R

    Realistic TRC-490 Navaho Power supply issue

    I was talking on the unit the other day and all at once my clearifier was off. I had to move it to the 3pm position to RX/TX on freq. I took the cover off and my power supply is only producing 11v plugged in radio off. 10.5 v radio on RX and 9.8 on w/MOD TX SSB. I do not have a service manual...
  3. J

    Poorly treated Navaho trc-490

    Hey guys, I picked this trc 490 up recently and didn't pay a lot for it but it was sold as working. Well it does seem to work so far with some prelim checks but I am amazed it actually works (minus the squelch) due to the corrosion on the inside of this thing. The bottom of the board doesnt look...