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    B&K Cobra Cam 88 Mic Plug Help

    Hello, I have acquired a Cam 88 that did not come with the mic. It has a 4 pin plug but looks to be about twice as big as the standard 4 pin plug that we know as the standard now. I have searched the web for mic plugs but I am not finding any that will work. Does anyone know if there is a...

    Cobra 142 over volted on DC power and smoked :(

    I have a pretty sentimental 142 gtl that I pulled out to fire up . I had no empty AC plugs in reach at the bench so I hooked it to my 50A power supply and when adjusting the voltage (I run 14.5 normally on exports ) the pot was glitchy and I spiked it with probably 18-20 volts . Now I have no...
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    Icom 706mkiig Will Not Turn On

    Good morning, Short Version (More detailed version below) Problem: Icom 706MKiiG will not turn on. Steps Taken So Far: Verified that power cord works on my spare 706mkiig Verified that the control head works on my spare 706mkiig Tried working control head on dead radio Opened case and...
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    Need service documentation for Midland 13-955

    I need service documentation for Midland 13-955. I acquired this radio and found it powers up - head lights up and no audio / no transmit. I peeked inside and found nothing obviously burnt or disconnected. Any leads on where to find service info or some general idea what to do next? Most...