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    B&K Cobra Cam 88 Mic Plug Help

    Hello, I have acquired a Cam 88 that did not come with the mic. It has a 4 pin plug but looks to be about twice as big as the standard 4 pin plug that we know as the standard now. I have searched the web for mic plugs but I am not finding any that will work. Does anyone know if there is a...

    Varmint XL-450 need some help with keying relay !

    Hello all Four-Two-Zero in New Jersey waving a hand ! (not Four-Twenty) not that there is anything wrong with that lol . I have been running this Varmint 450 XL for years and have talked all over the world on everything from a Horiz Dipole , J Pole to a home brewed 3 element beam and she is a...