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10-11m gizmotchy converted to 6m?


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Nov 2, 2012
i have a 4 element 10-11m gizmotchy, id like to convert it to 6m use, I downloaded the 6m instructions that has all the dimensions for element length and element spacing but no mention of the gamma match dimensions, and if I go to the giz web site they have all the parts listed for the 10-11m gamma but non for the 6m gamma's,, I would imagine that the 6m gamma is quite a bit shorter overall than the 10-11m gamma? looks like it would be very easy to shorten everything up for 6m, just not sure what to do about the gamma's

i found it,, just entered gizmotchy.com/files and a directory came up and one of the listings was 6m gamma,, along with 10-11m gamma and 2m gamma!!


  • 6meter_gamma_match_inst.pdf
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Otherwise just contact Tom he is the owner and will help you with any questions I may be going down there for a day soon here so if you need anything let me know I can grab it while Im there. Weather is finally getting better for us so Ill be able to get my 4 element down and get my 6 element up soon here aswell. I also have to get my 4 elelment Gizmotchy 2 meter beam up in the air so I have quite a few projects on this springs menu.
cool, just got an e-mail back from them, they will sell the 6m gamma's for $17 each,, ill just go that route and shorten everything else up to match the 6m instructions
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