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11 meter is very quiet?

Gotcha. I remember when a lot of that vigilante type stuff was going on back in the day. Pins in the coax, grappling hooks to pull down towers, voltage up the coax, walkie talkies on car batteries hidden in the bushes to jam channels. and all that.
I also remember people being chased and bitten by viscous dogs, being shot at, and being arrested and charged for trespassing.
And when the dust settled the idiot would often STILL be on the air.
The thing is, it's like a game of whack-a-mole. For every idiot taken off the air, another is waiting in the wings to take his place. Repeat and Rinse as they say.

Now that I'm a lot older and wiser I can see that just changing the channel is a much less stressful and easier way to solve the problem !
If i am wrong i apologize but from my observation here in ontario canada and how prop has been for sometime now, the idiots are in Texas and Arizona. Lately its all texas. Come on boys, there are some good ops from texas but clean up your mess. My 2 cents. 73s
the idiots are in Texas and Arizona
Yes. You are correct ! Arizona seems to be especially problematic though there are many good operators there too. Texas has at least a couple in the Galveston area that are well known troublemakers. Central California has the air-raid siren guy.
I'm sure there are many other too.
Up here we have at least one in the Vancouver area and another near Seattle. Luckily they are both too far for groundwave and too close for skip so I don't have to listen to either of them, and only know of their existence from talking to distant stations who do hear them !
I simply avoid 38 & 42. There are hundreds of other frequencies to talk on and most of them are free of those idiots. It's a much nicer radio experience away from those two channels.
Today I have been on 16 LSB and made contact with several other WDX members which was a blast. And we didn't have to listen to the 111111 guy or any hate and discontent.
I'll have to try 16LSB. I didnt know that actually had been revived. There was talk but didnt realise they were hanging out down there!
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Now a days ESPECIALLY in Arizona and Texas if you come on someones property and try to damage anything you're likely to get your head blown off ! The days of pinning coax, damaging property etc. is long gone and always ends up with the station still being on the air and then tresspassers dead or in jail as they should be. Just change the channel or do something else but the smart people realize it isn't worth losing your life or freedom over a little black box with voices or noises coming out of it. We in Phoenix live with the 1111111111 guy, Mathew Bohl, Chris Sweeney, Skybanger, and a few other degenerates and we just move frequencies and let it go, they don't ,"get into" our heads and we're smart enough not to cause us nor our families grief or tragedy.
Don’t let the jackoffs bait you into something you can get in trouble for. Especially these days with cameras everywhere. Just change the channel. No fuss no muss. Just my $.02
Exactly, and don't believe most of the BS stories about how some Joe Blow or his drunk or druggie buddies tore down someones tower, antenna or other damage because most of those stories are just that stories.
Whoever is local to these clowns need to take care of it. Forget the fcc or equivalent bodies. Grow some nads and take these idiots down. Period
Maybe instead of saying that YOU should as you say,grow some nads and head down to Texas and Arizona and take care of the problem yourself instead of trying to bait others to do the illegal criminal work that you promote !
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They don't always have a local audience. Some people live in thinly populated areas like I do. Within a 100 mile radius of my QTH there might be 12 or 14 operators at most, and only a few of them are ever on the air.
There is a station with an attic dipole 7 miles from me and the next nearest ops are around 15 miles. So don't assume everyone has a local audience !
True that bc. Hey its radio but man it does get tiring day in and out listening to 'the same clowns' ruining a frequency. As an old friend would say.. "oh well".
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