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11 meter is very quiet?

I had a doctor appt. Thursday about 30 miles from the QTH. With the radio "on" all the way up there I only heard a couple truckers. After the appointment I got back in my car, keyed the mic on 38LSB and said "Hey! anyone on frequency?" Only seconds from unkeying I received a reply from someone who was also mobile and about 5 miles away. We talked for a few minutes and then I headed back home. Once at his QTH he called for me and we had a nice 15 minute QSO before I ran out of string, so you never know how silent it is or isn't until you key the mic and say something. (y)
Keep calling, same where I live, but you slowly find people. Upgrading my antenna to an array is helping as well, getting out much farther , and making some new contacts. Skip is just about over here, got out once today, but the skip has a fast roll now that the cooler weather is here. Keep track of the times you here people, and the channels, often people go on same time and channel every night, 7 or 8 in the evening, spin slowly through your channels, make notes.
Dead in the NW - all the locals that were on the radio in the last couple of years have disappeared. No DX. Got the local gravel and dump trucks but they are all business.

Sucks because I've got new stuff I'm just itching to try out during a good day of DX. Got a new amp, equalizer/compressor, and just got my base antenna assembled again.

If this cycle doesn't hit bottom soon I may have to put everything back in storage. :)
I picked up a radio at a yard sale, and another guy gave me an antenna, so setting a young fella up with a free rig. I think cb has the potential to grow. Talk about it, help it along, One good thing where I live almost nobody running big power. So we have clear air to talk on when we do. One thing I have noticed is very few running base, alot of mobile, which does not translate into even radio. I suspect this is cost and maybe people new to cb find setting up a base intimidating. Money does not need to be a factor , my antennas are all home built, because they work better, and they cost me nothing, I started back in the day on a 5/8 wave. I suspect some of the new people into cb literally have very little idea on setting up a base. The other problem is up here where I am, there is no place to buy gear, 70 miles to a cb shop, and it is hard to find. Not like the old days , you just went to radio shack, they would set you up, explain what to do. Now it really is up to US, people who are enjoying it to, spread the word, and spread the knowledge..

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    6m OPEN to S/SW path de IND...strong sigs...many beacons hrd hr:D
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    K5WLT was 20 over on 125
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    Nr Austin,TX Ron
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    Channel 6 is hot today