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2970 Missing Display


Sep 1, 2005
:?: Hello all, I have a 2970 , (not a 2970Dx) i need to know if any one has the same problem with their display,
when the radio is on and you are looking at it straight on , some of the display dos not show ( half of last digit, the Busy sign, nb/anl , r.beep ) BUT if you look at it from the top at about a 45 degree angle , everything apears . any idea's what it could be, or if it can be fixed,
And when my truck (transport )is running there is a steady whine coming thru the speaker , even with the volume turned right off, do i need to put a Filter ? or is it something else ? if i need a filter , what kind do i use ?


You need a Choke-capacitor type noise filter in the positive lead of your radio. Radio Shack sells one or you may be able to go to a Car Audio dealer and buy one.

As far as the display goes, I can't say much other than I hate those LCD displays; you do have to be in the right spot (usually at "Table-level") to see it properly.

Hi Quickstop,

Most of the "partly missing" display trouble I've seen happens when the radio gets dropped. The connections along the edge of the glass LCD panel get disturbed. Poor soldering could do this, but I don't see much of that on the LCD display.

One oddball cause I have seen for the "whine" is a custom-wired mike. If it does this with the stock mike, the inline filter is the thing to try.

If you find that it does this ONLY with a custom-wired aftermarket mike, and NOT with the stock one, this is a sloppy mike-wiring job. Unless the mike cord's shield wire is insulated from the inside of the metal plug's barrel, the audio ground will short to the 'chassis' ground inside the mike plug. Tends to cause weird audio noises.

Keeping the stock mike around, even if you don't use it day-to-day is useful, if only for occasional troubleshooting, or as an emergency spare when your fancy aftermarket mike quits.

And then there's the other possibility, that the alternator is getting ready to take a dump. There are six rectifier diodes in an alternator, and when one of them goes bad, this "whine" becomes a part of the power coming out of the alternator. Once the first diode goes bad, the load is shifted to the ones that remain. They tend to fall like dominoes, not long after.


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