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  • Hi There! My friend just received an old Realistic TRC 55 base CB radio.,
    What is the function of the PA Gain knob?

    Thank you,
    Recon 881
    How’s it going,
    I hope you’re doing ok.
    I can’t get my mark 3 to have a long scream.
    All mine has is a short ping.
    I replaced the capacitor C66 no change.
    Can you tell me why my mark 3 Carrier is dropping when the radio gets warmer.
    It’s fine at first, but the longer it’s on the
    carrier drops.
    I have a d&a maverick that I'm wanting to replace some parts to. I want to replace the caps and some caps and ceramic disk caps. A couple look bubbled up. Evidently going to replace all the tubes. I read your post about how you replace the caps. Do you sell them? Thanks David
    GM nomad my paypal info is jvillafane@aol.com this is for the cobra 2000 gtl 5 pin mike jack board with wires and location of wires thanks
    I did the best I could by looking at one wired differently in an effort to get the other working...omg what a mess. I know one thing, you get in the wrong place, it will knock your ass on the floor Thanks for reading and stay safe. 386-916-2828
    Hello Mr Nomad.
    I am interested in purchasing your circuit for increasing the drive on a Siltronix model 90 for a Browning. Please advise if these are still available and how to proceed with purchase. Thanks and 73s.
    Hey nomad,I'm in need of work on a 2xgs35 box.had a.c. hum in background of audio.ive been up there a few year back.i know Redman.and john.can yo uhh work me in or hook me up with a trusted tech.im around cordon.73
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