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Rock on! Meter trouble has to be the cheapest of all possible faults like this.

Good chance there is a fuse hiding somewhere in that meter.

On these I see someone put a meanwell s 350-12 power supply in it but I do know when you key up the fan on it dies way down and it adjust all the way to 13.5 volt.I have a meanwell S 400 12 I thought about putting in wasn't sure on what sizes there putting in these
Unless it's a counterfeit, MeanWell is the brand everyone else clones. Usually a better quality level than the "One-LungSam" brands. The radio should never overwork a 350-Watt supply. A larger one won't deliver a difference you can see.

I have hooked up a meter checked i tested the AM reg seems fine and it's a pnp transistor now with this having MOSFETs driver and final is the procedure the same as older ones or do you set the gate voltage like you do in the amp.
The amp bias is not set by gate voltage, it should be set by current draw.......
The mosfet finals can be "popped" very easily......
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